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Which would you prefer? Electronic Spaghetti? or Clean and Reliable?

Whether a small rack or a full data room IPS can design, build and install all of your network racks, devices, data,  VOIP cabling and regular telephone cabling.

IPS is fully equipped and experienced in the installation of Demarc extensions, wireless air bridges, links and MilSpec wireless data interfaces for both Computer Data, VOIP and CCTV surveillance connections.

Cabling services are available on a contract basis for new construction build outs and prewire as well as maintenance and emergencies too. IPS can handle all of your wiring needs from small to gigantic projects. Lift, boom and bucket truck service is available by appointment.

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NJ Alarm License #34BX00014100 (#34BA00171700)
NJ Telecommunications Wiring Exemption # 476
We also have partner business licensed NJ Licensed Electricians and Fire Alarm

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